Deploy-Anywhere Vertical Antenna

This is my go-to vertical antenna that I can deploy anywhere with no support structure needed. (No trees or mast required)

Use it to work 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, and 10m… and probably 6m (although I’m not a 6m guy).

Where to get the items I show in the video…

The radiating element is an MFJ-1979 stainless steel whip.
MFJ-1979 Whip

The small tripod is a Super Antenna TM1 Low Profile Tripod Portable Antenna Mount that you can find here:
TM1 Low Profile Tripod (click and scroll down)

The High Sierra “Jaws Clamp” can be found here:
High Sierra Jaws Clamp

10 thoughts on “Deploy-Anywhere Vertical Antenna”

  1. Hi Cliff,
    Really enjoyed your videos. You
    have a really nice way of presenting the information. I’m just getting back to being active on HF after many years and you injected a shot of excitement in me to try some new things. Thanks!

    1. That’s great, Gene! I have taken extended time off from ham radio several times since 1986 when I was first licensed. Life happens. Joining a local ARES group a few years ago has kept me involved and interested in learning new things from people in our group. Welcome back! – Cliff

  2. Cliff,
    I followed the link for the Claw mount and it appears High Sierra no longer sells it as it’s not listed anywhere in their store. Quicksilver Radio does have one that appears to be the exact same thing. Here’s the link:!/Claw%E2%84%A2-Mount/p/51822117

    Thanks for doing all of this. I’m a relatively new ham and thought the idea of QRP was the coolest thing ever. I’ve already heard some of the arguments against it, so finding your site was great. Keep up the good work!

    Mike, K7MJY

  3. Great video, Cliff. Could I bother you for the radial connectors that you push into the tripod base? Are those just banana clips?

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