Small, Cheap 12v Li-ion Battery for QRP Radios

The 3000mAh TalentCell lithium-ion battery provides a 12v DC jack that can be used to power QRP radios in the field (or shack). It comes with a charger and a cable that can be used by most QRP radios. AND IT’S ONLY $25!

Note: There is a general lack of truth about the true voltage of these three-cell battery packs. And the performance varies, based on the quality of the Li-ion cells used to build the pack. The Li-ion internal battery I purchased from Elecraft for my KX2 has 3 Li-ion cells, just like the battery shown in the video. It has a TENERGY-brand sticker and the label says, “Li-ion 10.8V 2600mAh”. These batteries all have an initial voltage that is close to 12v but they quickly (minutes) settle down to 11v. These cells are typically the Li-ion 18650 cells that are 3.7v each. So, it’s a stretch to market them as a three-cell 12v battery pack! But, it’s still good enough for my trail-friendly QRP radios. The 8AA NMH battery pack I’ve been using for my MTR-5B has lower voltage than this $25 Li-ion battery, was a PITA to charge, and weighs 60%+ more. So, this Li-ion battery pack isn’t perfect but I still think it’s a good solution for anyone who wants to power a trail-friendly QRP rig. – Cliff

9 thoughts on “Small, Cheap 12v Li-ion Battery for QRP Radios”

  1. Please tell me what must be done to use this battery with the QCX transceiver. Will the QCX accept the plug that comes with the battery? Thanks.

      1. Hi Cliff
        It appears that there was a model revision between your model of the QCX and mine. Mine appears to have an Anderson Power Pole connection, not a 5.5 x 2.1 jack. I did a brief google search for a converter between the two but did not find anything. Any suggestions on how I can make this battery work with the power pole connection?
        Thank you.

        1. No, I misspoke in an earlier comment! My QCX has a terminal block for a power connector. I made up a cable for it with Anderson Power Poles on one side. I can use the QCX with any battery source with APP AND I have a conversion cable that will adapt APP to a 5.5 x 2.1 cable so I can use power sources with a 5.5 x 2.1 connector – like the lithium-ion battery shown in the video.

          I’m sorry for my misstatement. I don’t know what I was thinking.


      2. This is wrong. I must have been thinking about a different radio. My QCX has a screw terminal block for a power connector. I made a cable with Anderson PowerPoles on one end. I have another cable that adapts APP to 5.5×2.1

        Sorry for the confusion I have caused by this!


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