Build a Portable Hexbeam Antenna

In this video, I show you the portable hexbeam antenna I recently built. I discuss all of the components that are required to build one.

This is a great antenna that is a bit of a PITA to deploy… it has more parts and requires more setup time than a typical wire antenna. But, for special occasions, when you want a nice directional antenna to deploy in the field, this is what you need.


3 thoughts on “Build a Portable Hexbeam Antenna”

  1. Hi Cliff,
    Yes please send me how to get the hub from your friend. Having a portable hex beam would be a great addition to my portable operation.

    Thank you,
    Tim KM4ESU

    1. Hello, Carlos. I have a “Lulzbot Mini” 3D printer. I love it although I would sometimes like to be able to print things that are larger than 6 inches square. I use the Shapeways 3D printing service once to print a wedding ring – in bronze! It came out great. But things can quickly get expensive with Shapeways. I don’t know anything about other 3D printing services. I find that many of the things I print need to be modified and re-printed. It would be frustrating for me to have to wait for a printing service for the kind of things I print. – Cliff

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