Bike. Radio. Japan!

I took my KX2 this morning when I went out to ride my bicycle. I found a good place to put up my dipole where I could be in the shade. After working 2 Japanese stations, I used my phone to record video of me working a third station so you can share in the joy of portable QRP.

Why not take your radio with you when you go out for a walk, a hike, bike riding, etc. You never know what will happen!

6 thoughts on “Bike. Radio. Japan!”

  1. Hi Cliff,
    Very cool to work Japan from a park or parking lot. What dipole did you use for this video and how did you launch the antenna. Also, can you give a estimate on how long the set time was.

    Very good to show us how to work portable.

    1. We’re halfway done with Summer, Tim. You’re right. We need to make hay while the sun shines, my friend. – Cliff

  2. Have you had any experience with the Hendricks pfr-3b? I can’t decide between that and the 5 band mountain topper. Both are at the very top of my budget for now.
    73 de W5abh

    1. Hello, Mike. I don’t have any direct experience with it but it’s a well-respected rig. They are both Steve Weber designed radios so you can’t go wrong with either one. The MTR-5B is smaller, if that matters. The PFR=3B has an internal tuner but that doesn’t matter to me as I use resonant antennas. (Plus, I have an Elecraft T1 tuner, if I need it.) Personally, I’d get the MTR-5B. It’s a newer design and has 5 bands. You may (or may not) want to get an in-line volume control for the MTR-5B so you can turn the volume down when/if a station is too loud, as the MTR-5B doesn’t have a volume control! I have this one:
      It’s a tough choice and you can’t go wrong, Mike. Have fun! – Cliff

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