Recommend Tools for Kit-Building

Here are the basic tools that you will need for electronic projects. It’s a great time to tinker with electronics because there are so many radios, antennas, tuner, and other gadgets available as kits.  Of course, you can “homebrew” your own gizmos, too!

3 thoughts on “Recommend Tools for Kit-Building”

  1. This comment is not specific to this post but about your whole website. Thanks for posting and having it available, I am working on my general license, I am looking forward to QRP’ing as soon as pass my test. As a newbie I look for instructional videos on antennas, rigs, and tips on how to run your rig. Your site has become my goto in the recent days, as it is full of information. Please keep in mind the newbies and remember that never too simple or too hard. Keep up the awesome work!
    Federal Way WA, USA.

    1. Congrats on the decision to upgrade to General. It will open up a new world to you! Thanks for the kind words about my videos. I have so many I want to make. Thanks for reminding me that I can make videos on less complicated topics that might still be of interest to many. Thanks again – Cliff

  2. This is a very good starting point. Thank you for showing what basic tools you will need. I would like to add a hot air station ~$100 and a microscope for any larger surface mount parts. More kits are coming with surface mount parts and Hot Air really helps to get them mounted. Also a good 10X microscope helps with inspection.

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