OHR 100A QRP Radio Build – Final Thoughts

I finished building the 40 meter version of the Oak Hills Research 100A QRP transceiver.  I also added the internal keyer.

In this video, I share my final thoughts about the build and the radio.

Summary:  It’s a great radio and I encourage you to build one.  The documentation could use some tweaking to make it easier to understand a few of the more confusing steps.  However, I built it without help and it worked right out of the gate.  If I can do it, you can do it!

2 thoughts on “OHR 100A QRP Radio Build – Final Thoughts”

  1. Cliff,
    Good stuff!. Hope you do a video later of the rig in action. That must have been frustrating to reheat all the joints , but a least you were able to get there in the end. I built a K1 and K2 and their instructions are great. And if you have any questions the reflector is a great source.
    Keep the videos coming


    1. Hello, Don.

      I really should do a video of the OHR 100A in action. I finished it last night and the bands were absolutely dead. I’ll have to make that video soon.

      A few years ago, I built an Elecraft K1. It was a pleasure to build and I still enjoy the rig. Congrats on building the K2. That’s a pretty serious commitment!

      I love me some Elecraft!


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