Using the Mountain Topper QRP Radio

I got the last Mountain Topper QRP radio of 2015 from LNR Precision (according to Ryan).

I’ve been having a ball with this gem for the past 10 days.  In this video, I tell you about the radio and then show you how to use nearly every feature.  It’s a long video that I made for those who may be interested in this jewel-like little rig… which should be EVERYONE!

4 thoughts on “Using the Mountain Topper QRP Radio”

    1. Great! You can’t have too many QRP radios, Randy. 🙂

      This is a really fun little rig that’s more than just a novelty… it works well. Now, I still like my KX1 for the extra bells and whistles but the Mountain Topper performs great and lets me talk to the same people I’d be talking to with a larger radio.

      You’ll love it.


  1. Thanks Cliff,
    Your video about how to use the MTR is the only source I have found that explains how to store a message in clear and simple
    terms. Following your steps, I wrote down the instructions and they now replace those given in the MTR manual.
    I have worked all states with the little rig.
    Please keep more videos coming.
    Larry, WB4KLI

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