3 thoughts on “Your QRP Signal May Be Louder Than You Think!”

  1. Hi Clif,
    One thing that I think would help any/all of your digital mode videos is to include a sound clip of the given mode.

    I have listened to a couple of your vid’s (psk31 and winlink) and think that it would have been better and more informative to let the viewer hear the given mode.

    Since you have already produced several digital mode vids you should consider doing another vid that lets the user hear and learn to recognize each of the modes.

    keep up the good work

    1. Hello, Dwight. I’m just seeing your message. I guess it never occurred to me to record the sound of the mode because you don’t tune up and down the bands listening for that sound in order to find a station to talk with. With PSK31, there is a single frequency on each band where everyone gathers. For 20m, the frequency is 14.070 MHz. If you want to do PSK31 on 20m, you put your radio on that frequency… there is no need to tune around and listen for the sound of PSK31. For Winlink, you are given a list of RMS Nodes to which it may be possible for you to connect. Each of those nodes are assigned to a particular frequency and are silent – standing by on a particular frequency – waiting for someone to initiate a connection in order to transfer packets back-and-forth.

      Here is a youtube video showing the sound of PSK31:

  2. Keep it up Cliff! You might get this 55 year old back into the hobby yet! I remember oh so well getting my Novice ticket at age 17 in the mail Feb of 1979 as KA9EDP and working those 75 year old retired Elmer’s on 80 & 40M with endless DX on 10M. Got my WAS as a Novice using my TenTec Century 21. I remember all of the trial and errors of doing my own circuit board layouts (free-hand taping) for QRP 40M transmitters in college 1980-1983 and working all 50 states with 1 watt in 1987-88 with my new HW-9 & getting VUCC #125 on 2M that same time period, even getting my son Patrick and wife Sheila to pass their codeless Tech licenses a few years later. But then life happened and endless business travel made things complicated. Working 90 hour weeks as a campground property manager means the son of the shoemaker has bare feet! I resolve to fix that problem and am glad to have inspiring folks like you to give me a wakeup call. Being a natural introvert was okay for a CW operator, but campground life full of snowbirds really brings a person out of their shell! 73, Dave – KU9L

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